Which plants have been given new names?

A growing number of plants are being named after characters from the popular TV show “Breaking Bad”.

The BBC is calling these plants “Pilot”.

The plant’s name has been a popular choice for the green plant, which has become a symbol for the many ways it can be used as a medicine.

“We’re seeing a lot of new plants come up in our gardens now that are being given new, exciting names,” said Dr Mark Storrar, plant science and plant breeder at the National Botanic Gardens in Oxfordshire.

“A lot of these plants have really positive qualities to them, but there are also lots of negatives.”

Some plants have long been used to treat respiratory diseases.

Others are now used as an effective insecticide for control of weeds and aphids.

Many plants have become synonymous with health, but new research has revealed there is also a large array of beneficial properties.

“There are a number of different medicinal uses of these varieties, and it really helps us understand how they’re being used in the environment,” said Storar.

“Some of these species have been used as food crops for years and decades and we can use them in a variety of ways to feed people and animals.”

Many plants that are used to make medicine have medicinal properties as well, but this is a relatively new phenomenon.

“The idea that plants could be used to heal the environment was a pretty big idea back in the 1970s and 1980s, but we haven’t seen any examples of that yet,” he said.

“But there are many examples of medicinal uses in nature that are now being used.”

The BBC’s new series, “Pilots”, is exploring plant-based medicines in detail.

It is examining plants such as the green onion, the black-eyed pea, the mustard leaf, the yellow star and the sweet potato.

It will also explore the use of plant extracts in traditional medicine and the use in traditional foodstuffs.

“These plants have a long history of being used for medicinal purposes, but it’s a bit like looking at a garden and saying, ‘What’s this plant doing there?'”

Dr Storaria said.

“So far there are some plants we’ve found that are quite good at healing wounds, some that have been shown to be quite effective at protecting people from malaria and so on.”

And then there are others that can be beneficial for certain cancers and for certain diseases of the immune system.

“So these plants are actually quite diverse in nature, so we really don’t know what’s working for them yet.”

Dr Storary has been researching the medicinal properties of these new plants in the UK.

“This is a very interesting time for plant science, and we’ve been looking at plants for quite a long time,” he explained.

“In the 1960s, we were starting to see the use for plant extracts as an antiseptic, and some of the things we’ve done with plants over the last 20 years has been to look at the medicinal use of them in other ways.”

It’s also really important to keep the focus on what we call ‘natural medicines’ – these are plants that were bred for a specific purpose.

“The first plant from the BBC’s pilot programme was the Pilot plant, a variety called the purple onion.”

It has since become a favourite in gardens across the country.””

It was a bit of a shock to the system that the plant would have a name that included a ‘Pilot’.”

It has since become a favourite in gardens across the country.

“You might think that the yellow rose, for example, has been around for centuries, but actually it is the result of a very old-fashioned experiment.”

They put a yellow rose on a rock, they let it dry and then they watered it and they saw what happened when they watered the plant.

“I think the Yellow Rose is one really interesting example of an experiment that’s been going on in the botanical community for a long, long time.”

The programme will explore how different plants are used in different parts of the world.

“If you think about how the world is going, it’s going to change a lot in the next 20 years, and so the botanic community has been able to look into different aspects of how these plants could play a part in those changes,” Dr James said.

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