How to weed your garden

The ground cover plant can cause serious problems for people who live in houses built around it.

In India, the plant is a vital part of many houses, with more than 200 million homes being built around them, including a huge one in Mumbai, which is home to nearly a million people.

The plant, which grows up to 6.5 metres high, has caused problems for the people who built them.

The main reason is its use as a garden plant, and a major problem is that it is also a weed.

Its roots can cause damage to buildings, roads and other parts of the property.

In Mumbai, the city’s government has ordered a huge amount of ground cover to be removed, as the plant, a member of the daffodil family, is an invasive species.

According to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, around 5,000 tonnes of the plant were removed in 2017 alone.

According the Maharashtra government, the ground cover can grow up to 4 metres high and can spread to a wide range of areas.

The BMC has also ordered a Rs 2,000 crore fund to be set up to deal with the problem.

The city has ordered the removal of the ground covers, which were planted over a long period, as well as the removal and cleaning of the surrounding areas, said a BMC official.

The ground cover is native to India, but it is being introduced in Mumbai by the residents who live around it, said the official.

Mumbai has more than a million residents and more than 2,500 people have died from it.

The city is now considering an ordinance to ban the plant in all its forms.

“We are looking at the possibility of putting the plant under control.

There is also an ordinance in the city which requires that all the ground covering must be removed.

If the plants is found to be a threat to the environment, we are planning to implement the ordinance,” said Shashi Vyas, a Mumbai-based consultant.


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