Why you should plant sage in your garden

With its unique herbaceous plant and distinctive leafy shoots, this lovely green shrub is often called the “beautiful plant of the garden”.

But according to the American Society of Horticultural Scientists (ASH), the plant is also “very poisonous”.

“The herbaceous parts of the plant have been identified as the most toxic parts of it, particularly the root system,” said Dr Rebecca Rehmann, an expert in toxic plants.

“The leaves are very toxic to bees, and the root systems are quite toxic to birds and reptiles.”

The AHS also says the herbaceous roots of this plant are also highly toxic to other plants.

But Ms Rehman says this is a topic that needs to be discussed with growers.

“We need to be discussing the risk of the herb,” she said.

“There is no such thing as a safe herb.”

Dr Rehme is a member of the Australian Society of Weed Management and she says the plant’s roots and foliage can be poisonous to certain insects and other creatures.

“They are really sensitive to environmental stressors, and so they may be more susceptible to things like disease,” she explained.

“And that is why they need to get screened for.”

If you are using a herbicide, it is important that you are not spraying in areas where the plant has already been sprayed.

“How do you plant a sage plant?

To start, you need to know the herb you want to plant.”

It’s a very difficult plant to grow, because it’s very dense and there are very few roots and leaves,” Dr Rehmmann said.

But once you have chosen your location, you can plant it directly in the ground.”

When you do it in a field, you are putting yourself at risk because you’re planting a shrub in a very exposed spot,” she added.”

You are putting your neighbours and people coming into your garden at risk.

“If you don’t want to risk your neighbours, Dr Rehlmann recommends planting it in areas that have been treated with glyphosate.”

Glyphosate has been shown to be very effective in controlling weeds, and we know that it’s not safe for humans,” she told 7.30.”

But it does seem to be safe for plants.

If you don´t have any experience growing sage, it’s really important to understand how it grows.

“What is the best way to plant a Sage plant?

When you plant the plant, you should always remove it before you plant it.”

Don’t allow the plant to have access to water or air,” Dr Remhmann said.”

The root system of a sage is very thick, and it can easily reach through the soil,” Dr Renne said.

She recommends watering the plant every other day.”

Make sure the soil is moist, and you donít have anything else growing,” Dr Reinhardt said.

And don’t allow it to get too close to the ground or trees.”

In areas where there are no trees or shrubs, you may need to apply more water to the plant,” Dr Brenner added.

Dr Renne also recommends that you don¹t allow the soil to dry out or become too hot during the growing season.”

Avoid areas with lots of heavy metals, as that can cause problems with the root structures of the Sage plant,” she advised.”

Also, remember to make sure the plant stays on a sunny or sunny-side area.

“What do you do if you have any questions?

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