How a Yucatan milkweed plant pot became a national treasure

A yucatan plant pot was purchased in a Walmart store for a cool $10.

The pot had been in the family for generations, but for the last six years it had been lost in a shed in the middle of nowhere.

The pots owner was upset when he noticed it wasn’t on display, so he made the purchase on eBay and contacted Walmart.

Walmart responded quickly and put it back in the shed.

The family made plans to restore it, and they purchased a new pot and pots that were identical, except for the location.

This week, they were ready to put the pot back into its pot shed.

Walmart contacted the plant’s owner to ask about the pots, and the owner had no idea that he was selling his family’s farm to a foreign corporation.

When the plant pot’s owner learned that Walmart was selling the farm, he told the company that he would not sell it to Walmart.

The plant pot is now a national icon and is a rare, iconic symbol of yucatecan culture and heritage.

The Yucatecans have been farming yucatas for centuries, but the family has been forced to move many times over the centuries due to land shortages, lack of water, and other reasons.

When they tried to return the farm to the Yucatans, the Yuca tribe decided that it was too dangerous for the family to return.

When Walmart purchased the farm and the pots to restore the yuca, the yucatlas family decided that they would not return it to the yuacatecas.

Instead, the pots will be used for the plant pots and the yuccatlas will continue to grow on the farm.

Read more: The Yuca family is a very proud and proud people, and Walmart has a history of supporting our culture and traditions, said Yuca plant pot owner Alejandro Yuca, who is from Yucati and owns the farm where the plant was planted.

He added that the farm is the only place where they can grow the plant on their land and where they still can harvest yucati fruit, which is the main source of income for their family.

The farm has been restored to its original state, and Yuca and his family plan to use the pots for a long time.

The owner of the Yauca farm said that they are very happy with the outcome and hope to bring the plant back to the community someday.

Yuca, like many people in the YUCATA culture, have many stories about how they have been affected by Walmart’s decision to sell their farm to an overseas corporation.

When I found out Walmart had bought our farm and they were going to sell it, I was very upset, said Alejandro.

I thought that this is just another corporate move and that they didn’t care about us or about yucacatlas.

The family is working with Walmart on restoring the yauca farms, which are now in the hands of local families.

They plan to sell the farm in 2019, and have purchased a lot of other yuca pots.

This year, the family purchased a couple pots that are similar to the one in the photo, but will be kept for future generations.

The farmers hope to sell this old pot in 2018 and the pot from 2019.

Watch a video about this story: Walmart, The Yuccatas and a New Farm


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