What’s going on with the goldfish plant?

It’s a plant that’s native to the Pacific Northwest, and it’s one of the only known examples of goldfish that grows in captivity.

It’s called a dragon’s breath, and the plant has been around for decades.

The fish is a little different from its cousins, like the red water goldfish and the white water gold, in that they’re carnivores and feed mostly on plants, and their diet includes plants, too.

But the gold fish isn’t the only one, either.

“There are other fish species that are known to grow in captivity,” says Scott Taylor, the director of the University of Washington’s Laboratory of Aquatic Sciences.

These include the yellow goldfish, which can grow up to two feet long, and an orange goldfish.

But they don’t always look like the golden dragon’s breathing, which looks more like a golden glow.

“When you look at a goldfish you see this light in the belly and you don’t see the glowing,” Taylor says.

“That’s the way a lot of them are called.”

Goldfish are also very adaptable.

They have a special gland that helps them digest certain nutrients, like calcium, that are lost in their diet.

This is why goldfish can grow into huge fish heads, which makes it possible for them to eat smaller fish.

Goldfish can also produce eggs, which is what gives them the ability to eat their way out of trouble.

This makes them perfect for aquaponics, which involves the growing of fish in a tank.

Aquaponics is a way of growing food in tanks without any of the traditional methods used for growing plants.

Instead, a tank full of fish is filled with nutrients, water and nutrients, and then plants are placed to grow food in the tanks bottom.

“We can do this in a way that’s sustainable and that doesn’t require any of these exotic practices,” Taylor explains.

Aquaculture can also work to reduce pollution, which could help reduce the environmental impacts of aquaponic farming.

“If we could grow aquaponically and reduce the amount of chemicals that are going into our waterways, then that could actually have a big impact on climate change,” Taylor points out.

The biggest threat to the gold-fish industry is that there’s currently no way to safely test fish for mercury.

But aquaculture has made it easier to get around that.

Taylor has developed a new technique that allows aquacultured fish to be tested for mercury levels without having to go through any invasive testing.

It can be done in a lab and is just a few steps away from a production line.

It could also lead to new ways to improve fish populations.

“It’s definitely something that we’re exploring,” Taylor told Wired.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to figure it out eventually.”


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