Which player should you root for?

This week, we’re breaking down which player you should root for.1.

Matt CainThe Kansas City Royals are an interesting case, with Cain batting .310/.373/.455 with a team-leading 10 homers in the second half.

He also leads the league with 12 steals.

While Cain is clearly the star, it’s also worth noting that he has a .639 OPS and is on pace to be the third-highest OPS player in MLB history.2.

Nolan ArenadoThe Colorado Rockies’ star slugger is currently batting .319/.397/.529 with a league-leading 12 homers.

He has stolen 30 bases in his last eight games and has a career-high 14 home runs.

Arenado has also hit the 15th-most homers in baseball over the past two seasons.3.

Jose BautistaThe Miami Marlins’ superstar slugger has been a force since he arrived in Miami in 2013, hitting .304/.373/479 with 16 homers in his first season.

Bautistas power surge helped propel the Marlins to a World Series appearance last year.4.

Carlos GonzalezThe Los Angeles Dodgers’ star outfielder is batting .309/.372/.478 with 11 homers in 50 games.

He was named the NL MVP after hitting .321/.374/.482 with 17 homers in just 47 games last season.5.

Yasiel PuigThe Los Gatos, California, native is hitting .309 and has 13 homers in 49 games this season.

He had three homers and six RBIs in just two games before getting hit in the eye with a pitch in the fifth inning of the Los Angeles Angels’ series opener.6.

Joey GalloThe Oakland Athletics’ star second baseman is batting just .222/.263/.333 with four homers and 14 RBIs.

The left-handed hitter has three homers in 26 games.7.

Carlos BeltranThe Pittsburgh Pirates’ star shortstop has hit just .205/.267/.311 with five homers and 13 RBIs this season for the Pirates.8.

Justin UptonThe Houston Astros’ star left-hander has a 2.89 ERA and 0.96 WHIP in 33 starts for the Houston Astros.9.

Ryan BraunThe Atlanta Braves’ star right-hander was a revelation in 2017, batting .283/.336/.469 with 22 homers and a career high 20 stolen bases in just 37 games.10.

Buster PoseyThe San Francisco Giants’ star third baseman has been the best hitter in baseball in 2017 with a .325/.380/.529 slash line.

He is the only player with at least 30 home runs and 50 RBIs on the year.11.

Manny MachadoThe San Diego Padres’ star first baseman is hitting just .225/.290/.326 with eight homers and 16 steals in 42 games this year.12.

Joey VottoThe Los Santos, California native is batting a career low .216/.282/.289 with two homers and three stolen bases this season, with just five homers over his past six games.13.

Yoenis CespedesThe Philadelphia Phillies’ star catcher has a 1.95 ERA and 1.03 WHIP with 15 homers and 18 steals in the past five games.14.

Miguel CabreraThe Detroit Tigers’ superstar shortstop is hitting a career best .272/.329/.385 with 21 homers and 35 stolen bases.15.

Adrian GonzalezThe Arizona Diamondbacks’ star center fielder is hitting the 20th-highest home runs in baseball, hitting 37 of his 47 home runs at home this season and has four doubles in seven games.16.

Mike TroutThe Los Angeles Angels’ star player is hitting career-best numbers with 26 home runs, including the most homers in MLB (27) since 2007.

He’s batting .275/.326/.383 with 11 home runs over his last 11 games.17.

Ryan ZimmermanThe Miami Beach Marlins’ star pitcher is hitting 4.03 ERA and 2.02 WHIP and is the league’s top pitcher.18.

Michael BrantleyThe Atlanta Falcons’ star wide receiver is batting the league-best .291/.363/.462 with eight home runs this season in his fourth season.19.

Yasmani GrandalThe Atlanta Giants’ shortstop is batting at a career worst .215/.273/.297 with four home runs (two doubles) in 27 games this month.20.

Chris SaleThe Kansas County Royals’ ace has been on a tear in 2017 for Kansas City, batting a team high .300/.397/458 with five home runs during the month of April.21.

Miguel AndujarThe Los Padres’ first baseman has hit .291 and is hitting 20 home runs since the start of the season.22.

Giancarlo StantonThe New York Mets’ star power hitter is batting 22 home runs with 40 RBIs over his first three years in the majors.23.

Bryce HarperThe Washington Nationals’ first-year first baseman hit .283 with six homers and 17 steals in his rookie season.24.

Ryan VogelsongThe Detroit


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