Which songs do you like the most?

MTV News’ annual Best of Summer series celebrates music, film, and TV’s most notable achievements with our annual list of songs of the year.

This year, we look at the best pop and rock songs from the past decade.

This year’s list includes the following:Best new music from the yearBest new song from the last decadeBest new pop/rock song from 2014Best new dance/pop song from 2011Best new R&B/pop/rock track from 2010Best new indie song from 2009Best new rock song from 2008Best new country song from 2007Best new hip-hop song from 2006Best new instrumental song from 2005Best new alternative song from 2004Best new Latin song from 2003Best new folk song from 2002Best new jazz song from 2001Best new soul song from 2000Best new metal song from 1999Best new classical song from 1998Best new reggae song from 1997Best new experimental song from 1996Best new electronica song from 1995Best new post-rock song (no cover version) from 1994Best new house/pop track from 1993Best new electronic music track from 1992Best new classic song from 1991Best new garage rock song (not a cover) from 1990Best new dubstep track (not cover) in 2017Best new club music track in 2016Best new modern pop song in 2015Best new contemporary pop song (cover) in 2014Best oldies song in 2014 Best oldies track in 2013Best new classics song in 2012Best new songs from 2011


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