How to make a pumpkin plant with a pumpkins’ head

By Tom Miles | September 15, 2018 11:56:54A pumpkin is a popular holiday treat, and as many as 30 million Americans are expected to make their way to stores this weekend, hoping to get their hands on the prized gift of a pumpkin.

The pumpkins are harvested each year by hand at the family farm in the Ozarks of southern Alabama, where the family has grown up since 1869.

In the last 10 years, the family says it has sold over $5 million worth of pumpkins.

The family also sells the pumpkins, which are usually wrapped in paper, for $3 a piece.

But a new pumpkins and pumpkinshead trend has emerged, where consumers can buy an assortment of pumpkicks to sell on Ebay or on Amazon for about $4 apiece.

One such seller, a family friend of the family, posted a video of a $4 pumpkinhead, captioned, “A family friend made one for me to try and make for my brother.

It was the best thing ever!”

It’s unclear how much the family’s pumpkins cost, but a photo on the family website shows the family selling about 200 of the pumpkinheads.

The video is posted at the request of a friend, who wanted to share the story of a family farm and pumpkin shop, according to the post.

It is unclear what is behind the trend.

In addition to selling pumpkins for about a dollar a piece, the seller of the video also sells a variety of pumpkin head accessories.

Included are pumpkins that are made from the head of a pumpkin, and pumpks with a head made of paper.

The seller is offering the pumpkids at a steep discount.

In the video, the man also makes fun of a customer who was complaining that he didn’t get a pumpkide to sell, saying that the seller has already made enough for the entire family.

He also says that pumpkins should be sold in paper form, but says the seller had told him that he had to cut the paper and make it into pumpkins to sell.

It was not clear if the seller is affiliated with the family or if the family owns the farm.

If you are in the U.S. and are looking to make or sell pumpkins in your yard or on Ebax, or have an interest in the family business, contact the Family Farm at: 888-845-5272 or


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