Marijuanos plants may not have harmful effects on humans

Marijuas plants are not considered a toxin and they do not appear to cause any negative effects on human health, a new study suggests.

In the study published Monday in the journal Science, scientists looked at the plant’s toxicology, plant breeding and toxicity at two different sites in Florida.

At one site, the plant was bred to be a toxin-producing plant, while at another site, it was bred as a weed-busting plant.

The team found that the Marijuana plants had different toxicological profiles, and some were more toxic than others.

The researchers found that at one site where Marijurans were bred to become a weed plant, the plants were more likely to show symptoms of cancer and other cancers than at another where they were bred as an edible plant.

At a third site, Marijunas were bred into a weed that produces toxic substances.

The team then looked at Marijauras at sites where they had been bred to produce toxic substances, and they found that some were likely more toxic to humans than others, the authors wrote.

For the first time, the study looked at whether any toxicological differences were caused by the Marjuanas genetics.

The authors concluded that it was likely that some genetic differences between Marijaunas plants were responsible for the differences in toxicity.

“Our results suggest that differences in toxicological characteristics may be the result of differences in the genetic composition of the plants,” the authors said.

In a statement, the National Cancer Institute said the research was a “significant contribution” to understanding Marijugas toxins and their potential impact on human beings.

“We’re not surprised that some of the compounds we use in medicine can be potentially toxic,” the statement read.

“However, it’s important to note that the vast majority of these compounds are harmless to humans.”

For these reasons, the Agency strongly encourages the use of Marijuria-based medicines in any patient or patient-care setting.


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