Tree planting indoors is the answer for plantar fases caused by plantar fungus

Tree planting in indoor spaces may help prevent plantar symptoms from spreading to indoor spaces and prevent infection of plants that are growing there, according to new research published in the journal Plantar Fasciopathy.

The new study focused on the treatment of plants exposed to plantar fungi, which cause plantar tissue infections that cause symptoms similar to those caused by root rot and other root-feeding pests.

The researchers studied two species of plantarfasciitic fungi, two types of plant growth regulators, a plant canopy and a root system, as well as the control of root-rotting fungus.

The plantar infections were treated with the plantar-specific compound diclofenac, which can be added to the environment as a treatment to control plantar growth, but can also be applied to the indoor environment as an herbicide.

“The new compound is a potential treatment for plant-fasicomic disease and is currently available in many countries,” said study author Michael W. Rau, a professor of plant science at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.

“It has been shown to reduce plantar infection rates by up to 90 percent and has also been shown in other studies to treat plantar problems.”

Rau and his colleagues found that the compound significantly reduced infection rates in indoor plants that were grown in the presence of plant-specific growth regulators and root systems.

The treatment also significantly reduced the number of plant ars that caused infection in plants grown in a control group.

The compounds did not significantly affect the growth of plants grown under artificial light or conditions that caused plantar lesions to appear on the plant.

Rau said that he and his team are still working out whether the compound is safe and effective for indoor plantar diseases.

“We are still looking for more data to better understand how it works and what it’s used for,” he said.

The findings have significant implications for the way plants are managed for the future, he said, because they may help us prevent the spread of disease.

The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health.


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