When you’re buying a car, it can be harder to identify which car is which

China is facing an energy crisis that is driving up prices, prompting a push to make it easier to identify a particular model, a carmaker says.

Chinas state-owned bank has released an app that can help users identify which model is a potato plant and which is a carrot plant, as well as which car has a battery.

The company is also working on a car that can tell you if a battery has a charge, according to the Associated Press.

The app will be available in China’s two biggest cities, Beijing and Shanghai, on Aug. 31, and in markets in South Korea, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, according Toei Automotive, which makes the car.

The app will have a range of vehicles available, including hybrids, electric cars, sports cars, sport utility vehicles, and even trucks, Toei said.

In a press release, Tooei said it is working with local authorities and industry to expand its product.

For instance, the app will allow users to search for a specific model, as long as it is not a hybrid or a sport utility vehicle, the company said.

The search function can also be used to find an owner, as the company says it has done in several markets.

Toei has developed the car in partnership with a consortium of carmakers and has developed its app on Android and iOS platforms.


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