Plant City is planting 100,000 lambs to feed hungry residents


– Plant City Plant City will be the first plant in the United States to grow a plant that will help feed the hungry.

Plant City said Tuesday that it will grow 100,038 lambs in the first year of the project, starting with the planting of 1,500 in the Florida Keys and then expanding to other parts of the United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands.

Plants that will be grown at Plant City include an African wild rice plant and an edible wild carrot, both of which are native to South Africa.

Planting is also being done in the U.S. to help feed hungry people in South Africa, where the country is grappling with the drought.

Plant City plans to sell the lambs that are raised in the UK to people in the South African cities of Pretoria and Durban for around $1 a head.

Plans are being made to expand to other regions, too, including South America.

Plant of the Week is being planned for Brazil, where Plant City has already planted 200,000 animals and is working to grow up to 5,000 by the end of this year.

Planters at Plant of a Week said that the animals are in a very good state, but the food isn’t always enough to feed them all.

The company has planned to plant more animals to help with the shortage in Brazil.

Plant Of The Week is designed to grow crops for people, but it is also meant to be used to make meat and other meat products.


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