Irish farmer to grow more than 5,000 trees to help fight global warming

The farmer behind a plan to plant thousands of trees to combat global warming says he’s “not concerned” about the growing problem.

The “greenest” crop on the planet is actually a drought-resistant one, Dr Patrick Connolly said.

He said that was a fact and not something to be ashamed of, adding that it was the best possible way to combat climate change.

“It’s not an environmental concern to me,” Dr Connolly, from the north-west of the country, told the Irish Independent.

“I am not concerned about it.

We’ve got to stop that from happening.”

We’ve got the most green grass on earth.

We’re the only country in the world that has this crop, it’s been planted with the best technology and we have a green climate.

“In the past, farmers have planted thousands of tree-lined fields and fields of wheat and corn, but Dr Connelly said the planting had become more difficult due to the drought in some regions of the world.

The farmer said it was now easier to grow crops and water well, but it was also about getting a better understanding of the climate change implications.”

If we look at the situation and look at all the climate-change impacts we face as a country, it is very, very worrying,” he said.”

What is happening now, is that the world is warming.

We are losing our arable land and we are losing the water.

“Our water needs are increasing, it would be very hard for me to go back to a place where I was in 10 years’ time if I wasn’t growing this crop.”

Dr Connolly and his partner, Sean O’Sullivan, started the plant-growing business in 2017.

In the UK, the farmers have also planted about 1,000 tonnes of trees in recent months, which is more than the farmers planted the year before.

“The farmers have been really successful, it has been very good for us, they’ve done well for us,” he added.

The company said it plans to plant up to 5,100 trees this year, while another 1,500 are in the works.

Dr Connelly is not worried about the drought, and said that in his opinion it would help the global food chain.

“People are going to get better and we will get better, the problem is, it doesn’t help us,” Dr O’Neill said.


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