The world’s worst-affected crops may be at risk from drought

In the world’s poorest country, the world may have to find another source of energy to replace oil, gas and coal for many of the worlds largest crops.

The World Bank reported Monday that its analysis of global agricultural production shows that the countrys top crops, soybeans, rice and wheat, will face severe water shortages by 2040, and more extreme drought and water scarcity by 2060.

The problem is likely to be exacerbated by the fact that more than half of the nations population lives in areas of drought.

“It’s just an utter disaster.

You’re just not going to get these things out of your crops,” said Jonathan Wainwright, an associate professor of agricultural economics at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Many farmers already struggle with water scarcity.

Wainwork said that a combination of drought, climate change and the fact farmers are already facing higher prices for water could have a dramatic effect on the country’s food security.

Water shortages could also have a major impact on crop production, Wainwisons research suggests.

The world will need to make up for lost production in the coming years.

We’re not going away anytime soon, Wainsworth told Business Insider.

According to the World Bank, if global agricultural output were to decrease by 1.6% by 2020, it would mean the world would have to increase production of all other agricultural commodities by 2.7% to meet the projected water shortages.

If agricultural production increased by 2% by 2030, Wileys estimates that production of soybeans and rice would decrease by about 3.2%, and the amount of water used by farmers would be higher than it is now.

Wainworth estimates that the world could save nearly $20 billion a year by replacing a few hundred million metric tons of water in 2030 with new water sources.

But many people still don’t see the need for new water, Wiles said.

“I don’t think there’s a single person who thinks, ‘Wow, I don’t want to spend that much water, I can just use more water’,” Wainworth said.

Some economists say that the water shortage is not as serious as many people think.

“There are probably not a whole lot of people who are in this position,” said John Poulsen, a professor of economics at Princeton University and the co-author of a book on the topic called Water: The Future of Human Health.

Even with the water savings, some farmers will still have to use less water, according to Wain. 

“If we can save just a few million of these tons of saltwater, that’s going to have a big impact,” Wain said. 

Wainwish also said that the situation is likely worse than most think.

As climate change worsens, the amount and variety of drought-tolerant crops will be greatly diminished, he said.

The crops that are the most sensitive to drought will also face greater water scarcity, according the World Development Indicators.

This is not the first time that drought has struck the world. 

In 2015, the drought in South Africa hit farmers in the country hard.

During that time, South African farmers used more water than they did in other parts of the country.

South Africa is not alone in the drought.

Other countries with large agricultural populations are also experiencing severe drought, according a report released by the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

In the United States, drought is expected to worsen as global temperatures rise, especially in California and other parts, the report found.

For many farmers, it will be harder to save water than ever before.

Experts said that more research is needed to determine exactly how the situation will affect them, and how the drought will affect their ability to grow and sell their crops.


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