Christmas plants: What you need to know

The Christmas plant, a small but popular Christmas tree, is one of the most popular plants for making vegan Christmas cheer.

It is also one of its biggest sellers.

But the animal welfare group, Vegan Outreach, has warned that it is also a source of problems.

In its report, VeganOutreach says that Christmas trees have been the subject of an “alarming spike” in cruelty cases in the UK, and says Christmas trees are also “cruel” for people to walk through.

VeganOutreach said that it had recorded 463 complaints about Christmas trees, of which more than half had been reported to the police.

More:The organisation said it had received several reports of Christmas trees being “harassed, assaulted, assaulted in any way” in a number of UK cities.

“We’re hearing of cases of Christmas tree thefts, animals being attacked, people being intimidated,” it said.

“Christmas trees are a source and source of happiness, which is why we feel it is vital to have an environment in which we can celebrate the season with joy and respect.”

As an animal welfare organisation, we’re calling on people to report any instances of animal cruelty they have seen to Vegan Outrise.

“We want to ensure that our communities can celebrate together, without the fear of being ostracised or being harmed.”

It said that there was also concern that Christmas tree theft and attacks on Christmas trees were growing in popularity.

“This Christmas, there’s more than one place where people can get a festive tree, and one of those places is online,” it added.

“And people are finding that Christmas is a safe, secure, festive time to collect and enjoy a tree, as well as to shop.”


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