Atomic power plant to be built near nuclear plant, according to report

Nuclear power plant operator Toshiba is to build a new atomic power plant near a former plutonium production plant.

The plant, which is part of a new “fuelled nuclear” programme, will be used to produce power for power stations, the company’s Chief Executive, Yoichi Shimizu, has said.

Mr Shimizu has described the plant as “the most advanced reactor technology on the planet” and said it would generate 50% of Japan’s electricity needs by 2050.

It is part and parcel of Toshiba’s plans to build nuclear power plants in South Korea, South Africa, the US and Europe.

The company has announced a further 10 reactors under construction in Japan.

Toshiba, which has also been investing heavily in nuclear technology, said it was working on a project to build five reactors in Japan to produce electricity from nuclear power.

In September, Toshiba announced it would invest $US1.6 billion in a nuclear power programme, with the aim of producing a quarter of Japan ‘s power by 2030.

Tosaweb, which makes high-temperature fuel rods for nuclear reactors, said in a statement it was planning to begin commercial operations by the end of the year.

In Japan, there are currently around 5,000 nuclear reactors.


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